On May 4, 1863 Jackson was brought to Fairfield Plantation owned by the Chandler family since 1854 at Guinea Station, VA. Jackson was mistakenly shot multiple times in his left arm & right hand by Confederate pickets the evening of May 2, at the Battle of Chancellorsville. Fairfield plantation was roughly 20 miles from Fredericksburg. Jackson would remain at the plantation in a small farmhouse which was adjacent the main house until he passed away on May 10, 1863. Between the time of being shot and his death his left arm was amputated.

Popular belief is that Jackson’s pneumonia was caused by his wounds. Such was probably not the case, as it had been long reported that Jackson even prior to Chancellorsville often stated that he was suffering from the “chills.”. What is perhaps more likely is that Jackson’s wound helped mask the pneumonia.

His shrine is at Guinea Station today. The same farmhouse still remains and is featured with this post; the very room where he was bedridden for 6 days before his death is very much intact…including the original bed frame, quilt at the foot of the bed and mantle clock which still works!

May was not a fond month for Confederate officers. One year and a day from Jackson’s death on May 11, 1864 the South will also lose two prominent officers in Jeb Stuart & A.P. Hill.

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