The College of Charleston was founded in 1770 making it the 13th oldest school in the country and the oldest in the state of South Carolina.  It is the oldest municipal college in the United States.

During the Civil War although many students and facullty left to fight for the Confederacy, the College, as it is simply known in the Charleston area remained open.  It did not suspend classes until late in 1864.

The main building for the College, pictured with this post is Randolph Hall.  Randolph Hall is on the National Historic Registry for landmark buildings.  In the foreground of the building is the Cistern.  Once containing water as all cisterns do, the Cistern at the College has long been filled in.  The front exterior of Randolph hall and the Cistern have been used in countless  Hollywood films, including the epic mini-series on the Civil War North and South.

Each Mother’s Day Randolph Hall and the Cistern play host to the school’s graduation. The Cistern is covered over with a stage and graduates proceed out from the front of Randolph Hall- men in salt & pepper tuxedos and women in white dresses carrying a rose. I myself graduated from the College on Mother’s Day in May of 1998.

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