My Biking Equipment

August 29, 2011

The total mileage of my bike trip was just under 800 miles.  It incorporated countless bridge & creek crossings ,over a dozen railroad crossings and three ferry crossings.  My biggest issue on my trip was not equipment, it was not weather, but rather dogs- yes dogs! All told, I had 15 dogs that chased me at one point along my trip; not all at once of course, but it seemed once I crossed into North Carolina my bike was made of milk-bone. In fact, there were a couple of times when I thought a few of the canines might have had the angle to take me down.

My bike for my trip was a Tri-Cross Specialized.  The bike provided durability, toughness, responsiveness and comfort. I love it.  Although I brought along two spare tubes I did not have one single flat tire or issue with my bike- chain included.  Aside from my bike I had 4 Nashbar waterproof bags that I attached to my panniers, two for my front and two for my rear.  They worked perfect! I brought along a bike pump as well as reflector lights for my front handle bar and back pannier.  I then had bungee cords and Wrap It velcro bands to reinforce my bags on my panniers.  Once again this set up was terrific and worked extremely well.  

The weather was great, with only 1 day of rain, which to be honest was a welcomed relief from the humidity and heat.  On my back I carried a Camelbak as well as packing multiple containers of water on my bike and in my bags.

A  good comfortable helmet, sunglasses, sunscreen and biking shoes were also a must.  My clamp on my right shoe fell off outside Jamestwon, VA so therefore, I was forced to ride the rest of my trip with only one foot locked in my egg beater pedals- roughly 600 miles. I managed and it honestly was not as bad as I thought it would be.   Finally,

having great maps were arguably most important outside of my bike.  Adventure Cycling Association maps were awesome- clear, rich in detail, waterproof and easy to fold!

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