August 1st…left from Ashburn, VA at 6am. Hopped on Washington & Old Dominion trail to Custis Trail to Mt. Vernon trail which swung me around Arlington National Cemetery. The cemetery which was formerly the home of Robert E. Lee. In short time federal forces wanted to remove any high ground threat to Washington, D.C. Early on in the war Lee and his family moved out never to return.

From Arlington I moved south along to Mt. Vernon, the home of our 1st president & the quintessential Virginian. Around 5.30 pm I landed in Woodbridge via Occuquan…due to severe weather and heat indexes over 100 degrees throughout my ride I decided to put off reaching Fredericksburg until tomorrow…I will be spending at least 2 days in Fredericksburg. Currently I am about 30-40 miles from Fredericksburg.

Overall, I biked roughly 60-70 miles today…a bit sore but in great spirits! By my estimates, I am still moving quicker than George McClellan…

August 2…biked 70 miles today…less humid. Tomorrow I will visit Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania Courthouse…I will post two write ups on those battles tomorrow evening…

August 3…biked back into Fredericksburg to explore the Battlefield and Visitor’s Center. Truly was amazing what was expected from the Union army that day…any General today would be court-martialed. Tomorrow I am on to Ashland…

August 4…biked to Ashland (40+), last 5 miles were a brutal…3 miles were uphill. Stopped at Stonewall Jackson’s Shrine at Guinea Station, VA this morning…very cool & surreal. Tomorrow I pedal my way to Jamestown stopping off at battlefields along the way…

August 5…biked close to 50 miles today, maybe a bit more. Primarily took 156 S which took me through numerous battlefields from the Seven Day’s Battles as well as others. These Battles included Cold Harbor, Savage Station, Beaver Dam Creek, White Oaks Swamp, Glendale and Malvern Hill. Ended my bike trip today along the Chikahominy River, 7 miles west of Jamestown. A very nice campsite. Tomorrow I head to Suffolk and then down into North Carolina.

August 6…yesterday I biked to Suffolk, VA about 10 miles from the North Carolina border. It was an over 50 mile day on the bike. Caught some rain as I arrived in Suffolk…1st on the trip…hopefully rain days will be few & far between.

August 7…biked just about 100 miles today. By far the most in any one day. I am comfortably inside North Carolina spending the night in Plymouth, NC. Tomorrow I will be biking to New Bern, NC.

August 8…biked about 60 miles today crossing Pamlico River via ferry…went through Bath, NC which is the oldest incorporated town in North Carolina (1705)…cool, little sleepy town. Tomorrow I head out to Jacksonville, NC.

August 9…relatively light day biking- 40 miles. Heat index over 100 degrees. Down here in Jacksonville, NC…Camp Lejeune is right next store. Headed to the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow…Surf City, NC to be exact.

August 10…made it to Surf City, NC. Beautiful day! Spent a good chunk of the day on the beach.

August 11…currently in Carolina Beach, NC about 15 miles south of Wilmington, NC. Tomorrow headed to South Carolina border. First, however, will pass through Ft. Fisher which was the gatekeeper to Wilmington, NC during the Civil War.

August 12…landed in South Carolina. Spending the night in Little River. Tomorrow will bike to Conway, SC.

August 13…made it to Conway, SC. Rain came in buckets on my way in from Little River. First day of any substantial rain while on the bike…tomorrow head to Andrews, SC.

August 14…landed in Andrews, SC. Biked about 50 miles today. Tomorrow I head to Mt. Pleasant and then on to Charleston.

August 15…made it to Mt. Pleasant this afternoon after biking 50 some odd miles from Andrews, SC. Tomorrow I ride into Charleston, finishing my journey on the corner of Meeting & Market Streets which is where the Daughters of the Confederacy Museum is located.

August 16…beautiful day in Charleston to conclude my trip.  Had a good buddy come out to Mt. pleasant and join me for my final leg into Charleston over the Cooper River Bridge.  Took my bike to a local bike shop to get broken down and bozed up to ship back up to Rochester. 

August 17. . .I fly out tomorrow in the morning.  Today I will be spending the day tying up loose ends with my bike and packing up some clothes to also ship up to Rochester. Gonna head to the beach later on in the afternoon and over to Bowen”s Island for some low country seafood in the evening.

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